Europlasma Industries is the Europlasma Group's arm responsible for engineering, constructing and marketing plasma torches and their associated processes. Europlasma Industries provides turnkey solutions to companies in the waste and energy sectors who want to improve their processes. Mission statement : Europlasma Industries designs and sells solutions based on thermal plasma on an international level for industrial applications in the fields of environmental protection and circular economy.
We operate in the following fields : - Immobilisation of hazardous waste (fusion and vitrification of mineral waste and gasification of organic waste: asbestos, ash, low-level radioactive waste and so on) - Purification of synthesis process gas (from waste or biomass gasification) - Optimisation of existing thermal processes (gas reforming and reducing greenhouse gas emissions) The plasma torch is the only industrial technology available that can reach temperatures close to 5,000°C


Europlasma Industries has developed a range of powerful plasma torches from 300 kWe to 4MWe in order to best meet customers’ requirements.

This range is not limited. Europlasma Industries can develop additional capacities with customers (from 10 to 20 MWe) if necessary.


Europlasma Industries has over 20 years' expertise and industrial feedback for its plasma systems. The equipment provided by Europlasma Industries is reliable and robust, and is designed to have a lifetime compatible with the expectations of our industrial customers (over 30 years). Europlasma Industries has supplied several sites in Europe and Asia for customers and in France for its subsidiaries Inertam (asbestos vitrification unit operating since 2005) and CHO Power (Commissioning of a waste to energy power plant in 2014).
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Europlasma pays attention to the protection of its intellectual property. Its know-how and its technology are protected by numerous national and international patents. A GUARANTEE OF QUALITY : Europlasma Industries has been ISO 9001 V2015-certified for its plasma system, plasma over and Turboplasma® reactor engineering, design, manufacturing and sales activities. OUR VALUES :
Active interest in our customers Professionalism Transparency
Involvement Responsiveness Creativity