Europlasma Industries has a 4,000 m² R&D platform at Morcenx (France) to develop and industrialise its products and processes. This platform allows to do some plasma torch characterisation tests with different types of gas mixtures coming from industrial processes;


Europlasma Industries devotes significant human and financial resources to Research & Development by taking in part in multi-year national and European collaborative R&D programmes. Europlasma Industries is currently involved in a programme which is being funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) : - RESCOFIS programme (link to definition: Focal Concentration Solar Receiver with Integration of high temperature COFALIT thermal storage) which seeks to find high added value conversion channels for asbestos waste vitrification products: COFALIT. The objective of this programme is to test a pilot 100KWe-capacity thermal storage unit which uses COFALIT. This storage unit will enable the supply of energy from concentration solar systems to be distributed evenly.