- Preliminary technical and economic studies and detailed engineering studies for furnaces and plasma reactors equipped with plasma torches - Feasibility studies and test campaigns on its R&D platform - Plasma torch and associated equipment supplier (Turboplasma® reactor and furnaces) - Turnkey hazardous waste vitrification unit supplier with sale of know-how licence - Technical assistance during the project execution, operators training and after sales service

Plasma solutionsfor hazardous waste

Our plasma technology enables us to process a wide range of waste types, such as toxic ash, asbestos, hazardous solid mineral waste, sand-blasting dust, polluted earth etc. and to convert them into an inert material.
Added value: the vitreous or crystalline slag is completely inert and may be recycled as aggregate for road beds, for example.

We propose different types of fusion furnace that are adapted to each project’s specific features: type of waste supply, method for extracting the material obtained (slag) and operation procedure are specially designed to meet each customer’s individual needs and operational constraints.
Added value: our plasma process can handle mixed as well as organic and inorganic liquid and solid waste without prior separation or pre-treatment.

Our plasma technology enables to reduce and to condition numerous types of waste and in particular low and medium-level radioactive waste.
Added value: Plasma fusion for low and medium-level radioactive waste reduces their volume by up to 80% while ensuring its long-term immobilisation. Consequently, their storage and disposal are sustainable.

Plasma solutionsfor gases

Application of plasma technology in different sectors such as:


To purify gas discharge from blast furnaces and cupolas. The use of plasma torches in Turboplasma® reactors is aiming at reforming the process gas so that it can be reused into the process to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Added value: helps manufacturers to master and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and carbon credits.
To optimise fusion processes by wind over heating. Positioned either in the nozzle or blowpipe, the plasma torch improves equipment's thermal efficiency while reducing the use of raw materials. Added value: enables to reduce the use of fossil raw material.


Europlasma has developed a patented reactor which uses a plasma torch to refine syngas: the Turboplasma®. The clean gas obtained can thus be used for the production of electricity through gas engines. Added value: better energetic efficiency compared to standards thermal combustion processes and increase of the global yield of the facility.


Europlasma Industries proposes to apply its plasma technology for the dry reforming of process gases for the production of chemical compounds. Added value : • A compact process easily adaptable to existing installations. • Production of synthetic compounds such as SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas), ammonia, H2...